A terrible avalanche of stones in India left nine dead

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Inhabitants of the state of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India, lived a real nightmare last Sunday after large stones crumbled from a mountain. The terrible natural disaster left a fatal toll of nine people, although by the magnitude, it could have been worse.

Large stones at high speed fell from a hill hitting a car that was mostly tourists. In addition to the impact of the rocks, the bridge where the vehicle was traveling collapsed causing the disaster to be even more serious.

According to Europa Press, citing the Asian News International agency, according to the first information, the victims were traveling in a tourist vehicle when when crossing an iron bridge a landslide occurred causing several rocks to fall on them and the subsequent collapse of the structure.

From what was learned from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, eleven people were traveling aboard the vehicle that was surprised by the avalanche of stones, nine of whom died. Very close to the place there were more cars parked and many people who saw what was happening.

This European agency announced that the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, expressed his condolences for the tragic event. In addition, it announced compensation of two million rupees (22,800 euros) for the families of the victims and 500,000 (5,700 euros) rupees for the injured.

The natural disaster left the balance dead again.

The collapse was due, in consequence to the heavy rains and floods that hit India. The natural disaster so far has left some 140 dead and dozens missing.

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The video, which was recorded by witnesses and which has gone viral in recent hours, shows the despair of those who see how the rocks begin to fall from the mountain. And while many of them begin to shout to try to warn those present, nothing could be done.

Stones flying and impacting everything they found on the way is what can be seen in the clip that circulates through the network. It was a moment of great tension and fear and luckily those who were watching the avalanche happen were able to take cover.

Undoubtedly it could have been a greater tragedy since it is a very crowded place mainly because it could have impacted more cars that crossed the bridge that finally collapsed.

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