“A Thirst-Quenching Partnership: Netflix & Athletic Brewing’s ‘The Witcher’ Non-Alcoholic Beer”

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Netflix and Athletic Brewing launch non-alcoholic beer inspired by ‘The Witcher’

Streaming giant Netflix and craft brewing company Athletic Brewing have teamed up to create a new non-alcoholic beer inspired by the hit fantasy series ‘The Witcher.’

The limited edition beverage, named the ‘Toss a Coin’ beer after the popular song from the show, is described as a blend of chocolate, toasted oats, and hops. It is also completely alcohol-free.

The collaboration between Netflix and Athletic Brewing comes as the non-alcoholic beer market continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are looking for alcohol-free alternatives to traditional beer.

Non-alcoholic beer on the rise

In recent years, the sale of non-alcoholic beer has increased significantly, with more and more breweries entering the market. This growth is partly due to changing attitudes towards alcohol and health.

For many people, alcohol-free beer is seen as a healthier alternative that still allows them to enjoy the taste of beer without the risks associated with alcohol consumption.

With the launch of the ‘Toss a Coin’ beer by Netflix and Athletic Brewing, the non-alcoholic beer market is set to grow even further.

‘The Witcher’ as a source of inspiration

The new non-alcoholic beer from Netflix and Athletic Brewing takes its inspiration from ‘The Witcher,’ the popular fantasy TV series starring Henry Cavill.

The show is set in a fictional medieval world and follows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter who navigates a world of magic, monsters, and political turmoil.

The ‘Toss a Coin’ beer is named after a popular song from the show, which quickly became a fan favorite. The dark and complex flavors of the beer are meant to reflect the brooding and mysterious atmosphere of the series.

The future of non-alcoholic beer

As more and more people turn to non-alcoholic beer, it’s likely that we will see more collaborations like the one between Netflix and Athletic Brewing.

The growth of the market also presents an opportunity for smaller breweries to gain more attention and compete with larger beer companies.

Overall, the rise of non-alcoholic beer is a positive trend for the beer industry and for those looking for healthier and safer alternatives to alcohol. With new and exciting flavors being developed, the future looks bright for non-alcoholic beer.

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