A tiktoker says he lives in 2027 and that humanity is extinct

A tiktoker says he lives in 2027 and that humanity is extinct

In the social media you can see the records of the strangest situations in the world and even some seem from science fiction. The latter is what happened to a Tik Tok user who is registered under the name “the only survivor.”

The man lives in the city of Valencia, in Spain, and he assures his virtual community that he lives in the year 2027 and that humanity has completely disappeared. This assertion is made on the basis that he visits places in his city that are known to all but are totally empty.

The man who is alone in the world

“My name is Javier and I am alone in the world”, says this user of Tik Tok. This platform of Chinese origin has gained a lot of popularity. In it, you can find all kinds of content. Among them: cooking recipes, travel recommendations, dance and beauty tutorials and various tips.

All the content that Javier shares in front of his million followers on Tik Tok goes viral immediately. It’s that no one can understand what this young man is really doing. Recently a user suggested that you go to the airport in the city that is international and that there are probably people.

The virtual community puts this Tiktoker to the test

“Go to the Madrid airport, there are sure to be people, it’s international man,” the users told him. The truth is that Javier went there but I was totally desolate as well as the squares, zoos, shopping centers and schools that you have previously visited and that you have commissioned to show in your videos of Tik Tok.

Some throw the theory that Javier recorded these videos during the confinement that the city of Valencia last year when the Covid wave hit all of Spain. At that time, all public places were closed and people had to stay locked in their homes to avoid infections and therefore the collapse of hospitals.

But this theory there is no way to prove it. The only way is for a user to ask for a record of a place that the young man has not previously recorded and thus be able to unmask it. At the moment they are all doubts and Internet users put it to the test on a daily basis. Javier always wins and says that he is alone in the world and that it is the year 2027. Incredible!

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