“A Touching Display of a Father’s Love and Devotion to his Daughters”

Dafne Hoffman, a member of the Hoffman family, recently gave an interview to talk about the relationship that existed between Héctor Parra and his daughters Daniela and Alexa. This interview was given after the latter, Alexa, denounced her father before the authorities for corruption of minors and was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for this fact.

Dafne opened up about her position on the case and expressed her concerns about the use of this complaint for revenge. As a survivor of psycho-emotional and sexual violence, she can realize what is happening. If the complaint is being used for revenge, it is not only hurting Alexa but is also hurting an entire community of women, as it questions their word.

Dafne emphasized the importance of carrying an ethical and specialist defense, where the people who represent the victim are people specializing in sexual crimes or family violence. In the case of Olivia Rubio, the lawyer who is representing Alexa, Dafne confirmed that she has a record of having supported other people who have been aggressors.

Dafne spoke about her own experience with violence at the hands of her father and how her blood relatives did not help her to end these attacks. She sought the protection of her family as a child, but their advice was always to not say anything, as it would get her father in trouble.

When asked if she believes in Alexa’s word, Dafne stated that she trusts Alexa and that she is not alone. She urged her to know that she has another side of the family with whom she has not had much contact. Dafne recalled the moments in which she could see Héctor’s coexistence with Daniela and Alexa, noting that he always observed a very natural relationship between father and daughters.

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In conclusion, Dafne emphasized the importance of standing up for victims of violence and seeking justice for them. She urged mothers to defend their children and seek justice, rather than waiting for their children to be able to denounce and defend themselves. It is important to carry a specialist defense and not use the movement and defense against women to harm other people.

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