A UFO or a fireball? A strange phenomenon lit up the sky of San Pablo

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While in Argentina there is still talk of the alleged abduction case that occurred in La Pampa, another phenomenon related to UFOs occurred in this part of the continent, more precisely in the Brazilian city of Saint Paul. There, according to the images that some witnesses were able to capture, light that came down zigzagging illuminated the sky and then it went back up until it disappeared.

Fortunately, a neighbor in the area managed to capture the moment and uploaded the video to social networks, that quickly exploded with comments wondering what that light that appeared in the night of São Paulo was.

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The film sequence shows a shape that resembles a ball of fire, which zigzags down several meters from right to left, until it reaches a point where it rises again and disappears.

The event also generated some concern among the locals, who they still wonder if it was a UFO or some other kind of phenomenon.

In this sense, according to the opinion of specialists, there are various types of lights that can be seen in the sky, some of them with characteristics similar to that recorded in San Pablo:

Ball of fire

It is a phenomenon that occurs when a rock from outer space enters the earth’s atmosphere. These objects, which can reach speeds of more than 200,000 kilometers per hour, sometimes cross the sky and do not impact the surface.

One of the speculations about the light that was observed in Brazil it could have been a ball of fire.

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Earthquake lights

They’re a plasma discharge that occurs when a rock is under tension and accumulates electrical charge. They sprout from the ground in different shapes and colors and rise 200 to 300 meters into the night sky, one after another, in fractions of a second.

Ascending lightning

It is known that one lightning bolt out of every thousand falls upwards. The storm photographer’s investigation Tom Warner, from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA, shows that there are two types of ascending lightning.

They both need a tall structure to be produced. The first requires a ordinary lightning, from a cloud to the ground, creating a channel back to the cloud. The second can travel up spontaneously.

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Red specters

These glows consume a large number of electrons in storm clouds. A slow current is needed to create one of these spectra, and these can only form in large storm systems, more than 100 kilometers in diameter.

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