A US couple buries a chest with US $ 10,000 and organizes a “treasure hunt”

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John Maxim and David Cline from Utah, USA, have organized a treasure hunt that has mobilized more than a thousand people in the state. The idea was born last year when the two were determined to organize a safe and fun outdoor initiative to encourage people in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prize is US $ 10,000.

John and David have organized the unique activity for the second consecutive year. The result of last year’s search held in summer and called it was a success. They hid $ 5,000 in the mountains and in only four days a participant found the location of the treasure.

This second edition they have doubled the amount of the treasure hiding US $ 10,000 in cash, as well as a silver coin and “Some fun things we dumped in there”, the organizers explained in a statement to the news network referring to the inside of the treasure chest.

The search began about seven days ago after the publication of a poem with clues. From now on, the organizers they will give more clues every friday. Those who share images from the search will be allowed to preview the clues one day before they go live, giving them a head start.

So far, they have sent the game participants a map showing the area where the treasure is buried to facilitate a search clue. They have also explained that the chest with the money is not in a ski resort and is not buried deep in the ground.

Maxim and Cline said on Fox News that there are 1,000 people from all over participating in the treasure hunt: It’s something excitingIt’s one of the only things in all of our society that transcends political lines and everything. Everyone loves the treasure hunt ”Cline confessed.

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