a very bold thriller starring Maggie Civantos that will take your breath away

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The thriller, without a doubt, has been one of the most explored genres in recent years. From psychology, action and terror, it has become one of the styles most consumed by the public. There is an infinity of productions from different platforms that have been renewing their seasons due to the enormous audience success. And now StarzPlay bet on a series with a similar touch although with a mix and a new social criticism. Is about Express, starring none other than Maggie Civantos, Esteban Meloni Y Kiti Mánver, among others. In Spoiler, we tell you in detail what this series has that will make you completely forget about huge shows like The Money Heist.

Express is a creation of Ivan Escobar, who also takes on the role of director, along with the scriptwriters Anthony Sanchez Olivas Y Martin Suarez. Follow the life of Bárbara, a criminal psychologist who works in the police as the one in charge of solving express kidnappings. Taking this place is not easy, because in the past she herself has been the victim of a very violent episode like these. The sequels are there, but beyond that, she will even try to make her own way to do justice. Meanwhile, he will have to face the difficulties that his marriage and his two daughters will present to them throughout the chapters.

The most interesting fort Express is in a very well structured combination of genres. The truth is that if you come wanting to see only an action and intrigue series, then this show will not give it to you exclusively. It is that the Spanish production is based on the theme of express kidnappings, but from that base it manages to reflect on other current issues from a social perspective. The proposal of the series is, in some way, to show the public the dizzying way in which we have been building our lives in this millennium.

In fact, he takes a few moments to mention, even in well-argued and filmed scenes, the short useful life of certain technological elements and the liquidity of both love and work relationships. In Express, things happen very rapidly and that is our main premise.

At some point, everything works as a metaphor for the transformation that the routine of today’s society has undergone, compared to what it was just a few years ago. Everything happens in just seconds, everything that happens to us is express. So, in this sense, the series presents us with a complex theme such as express kidnappings, but it also serves to reflect on our day to day, our daily life.

Regarding this, the cast scores several points. Maggie Civantos, whom we have already seen in productions such as Vis a Vis Y The Cable Girls, returns to the screen with this leading role that is truly exceptional. The courage, initiative and stubbornness of this character are especially attractive and, without a doubt, she is a powerful protagonist.

Also, the series takes at times and in a very subtle way, the mission of reflecting on the role of women in different areas, but above all as leaders or bosses. There are very clear scenes and they perfectly reflect moments that many women must face in work spaces when, for example, their ideas are not taken into account simply because they are women. In this point, Express it is strong and through Civantos, it achieves even more.

On the other hand, the chemistry that is noticeable for miles between Maggie and Esteban Meloni, who plays her husband Santa, is another element to highlight. This couple is not only carried away by passion, but also by constant competition, hence their decision to go to therapy. The symbiosis between the actors is exquisite, as it is with those who play their daughters, especially with Alba Flat, who plays Gus, the teenager in the family. In turn, the cast has the special participation of the winner of the Goya, Kiti Manver, Vicente Romero, Loreto Mauleon, Ana Marzoa, Omar Banana, Bernardo Flores, Carmen Daza Y Manuela Rojas.

Express It also has the production of The MediaPro and has eight episodes of approximately one hour that will be released every week on the screen of StarzPlay in Spain and Latin America. East sunday january 16 You can already see the first chapter.

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