A woman discovers a video of her on Pornhub posted without her consent and creates an ‘app’ to help other victims

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Una mujer descubre un video suyo en Pornhub publicado sin su consentimiento y crea una 'app' para ayudar a otras víctimas

A 25-year-old Chinese woman whose pseudonym is Tisiphone – honoring one of the three female deities in Greek mythology related to the spirit of revenge – discovered that a video in which she appeared was posted on Pornhub without her consent, she reported. this Sunday South China Morning Post.

Last year, a friend of the young woman called her to warn her that her image was featured in a video on the pornographic website. “My first reaction was that it must be a mistake. How could it be me?” Explained the woman, who did not want to reveal her identity.

What happened?

However, when he opened the link, he saw that it was an intimate video that had been recorded without his permission about seven years ago while he was living in the United States. “I was very young, a teenager. I had no idea that this monster had secretly filmed me,” he continued.

In this sense, he assured that it was really devastating. “I consider myself a very strong and well-educated person, but that was the moment when I literally stopped and thought: ‘I can’t live anymore, I don’t want to live anymore,'” he continued, confessing that he was about to commit suicide.

After communicating with one of her friends who had studied at Harvard Law School, she was contacted by a law firm willing to take her case. At the moment, he has managed to get his video removed from all pages except a Turkish website.

“It hurts much”

The woman, who works for a content policy team at a major US technology company, complains that cases like this are not a priority for authorities. “Even when you show evidence, most of the time it doesn’t do justice. It’s really frustrating and it hurts a lot,” he explained.

Therefore, the young woman decided to develop an application of facial recognition called Alecto AI, whose platform he hopes to launch before the end of the year to help thousands of survivors affected by the same cause.

“I see this as a salvation. By helping others, I am doing something that helps heal myself as well,” Tisiphone said. “It was so traumatic. But now I have to become much stronger. I feel like this is my destiny. No one deserves to die for this,” he concluded.

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