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A woman fell from the balcony while having intimate relations with her boyfriend

Security cameras, found on public roads, have become an indisputable element that helps authorities in different parts of the world to unravel the strangest events. But they also bear witness to the most unusual events such as the one that took place in Taiwan and that has as its protagonist a woman who suffered a accident while maintaining an intimate encounter with his couple.

The international media released a shocking video in which a woman, who had sexual relations with her boyfriend, falls half naked from a balcony to the roof of a car.

In the images you can see the exact moment of the accident. According to reports from the Taiwanese authorities, the unidentified red-haired woman was being intimate with her boyfriend on the balcony of their room when she slipped off the ledge in the town of Taipei.

The images were first released by CCTV and they quickly went viral. The clip shows the woman falling from a sitting position on a black sedan car that was parked in front of a complex of buildings. In the images you can see that the young woman was dressed in a shirt and underwear while her shorts hung from her left leg.

Next, and while she was trying to recover from the serious impact, a man can be seen helping her to get off the roof of the auto. Eventually the boyfriend took her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The statements were not long in coming, one viewer told local media: “I was walking home when it happened. I didn’t see her fall, but we heard a loud crash and she was already on top of the car. Then a man came up to her and helped her.

In addition, among the transcended, it was learned that the woman had a slight back injury and was in the hospital for a few weeks until she recovered. In addition, the couple also had to pay for the car damaged, which was owned by his neighbor who lived in the building.

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