A woman had toothpick pieces embedded in her nose for a week without knowing it

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A 29-year-old woman from Taiwan (China) had unknowingly two pieces of chopsticks to eat from 3.5 and 5 centimeters embedded in his sinuses for a week after a violent fight with his sister.

According to a report on the case, published In The Journal of Emergency Medicine, the woman was attacked by her sister with plastic and wooden chopsticks while they were having dinner together. After the fight, the woman went to the emergency room with a slight nosebleed and swelling in her left eye.

The doctors saw that he had two small cuts under the eye and on the nose, but an X-ray showed nothing unusual. A week later, the patient realized that “some parts of the toothpicks used in the attack were missing” and believed she saw a gray object inside her nose.

Then he went back to a hospital, where a CT scan confirmed the presence of two pieces of toothpick embedded in his nasal septum. In order for them to be removed, the woman had to undergo a surgical intervention.

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