A woman harvested corn from her plantation and was surprised: they are multicolored

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Every day there are numerous situations that never cease to amaze us and it is that nature is loaded with fascinating events. That was the case with a singular harvest of corn that threw a tonality of all colors.

The story has as its protagonist Crystal Percival, a 37-year-old woman who owns a small farm in her home in the British Columbia (Canada). This year he decided to make the most of it by planting a few seeds of a very special corn known as corn. Glass Gem.

When harvesting the harvest from his plantation, he was pleasantly surprised by its corn loaded with colors.

It is worth mentioning that unlike the traditional corn that we know, the species Glass Gem is characterized by having a fun and vibrant variety of unique colors in its composition. In this case, the cultivation of the seeds, as the specialists explain, requires little maintenance and basic care, but the end result is extremely striking and really leaves those who have never come across this type of corn astonished.

According to the international media that echoed this finding, Crystal He planted the seeds of this maize variant in June and was able to collect its fruits in September.

The History of the Glass Gem Corn Variant

The history of this particular variant of corn takes place in Oklahoma, Where was he born Carl Barnes, a farmer committed to his land who sought the best way to reconnect with his roots before dying in 2016. Fully dedicated to this work, he dedicated a large part of his life to cultivating indigenous maize varieties that have already been forgotten perfect your crops.

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In this way, he selected the multi-colored beans with more vigor than before for replanting. Thus it was that it reached an attractive variety to the eye and that today is known for its striking and unusual color.

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