A woman led her husband to believe he had Alzheimer’s disease and stole $ 600,000 from him

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A woman they identified as Donna Marino, 63 years old, She ended up in custody after having cheated her husband for 20 years. The story, worthy of a movie, has a curious fact and that is Marino made the man believe he had Alzheimer’s, a strategy that he sustained for years.

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After a stealthy investigation, the police detained the woman in the state of Connecticut, United States. Police reported that the woman was charged with forge her husband’s signature on your pension and social security checks, workers’ compensation agreements, and other legal documents.

The Police statement

He then deposited the funds into a secret bank account. And, as the years go by, the succulent loot stolen amounted to $ 600,000. Marino revealed to the police that she carried out the fraud, after having convinced her husband that he suffered from the progressive disease that affects memory and other important mental functions.

The woman wanted the victim He did not go to the bank and even managed to keep him from realizing the balance he had in his accounts.

Discovery of the scam

Marino’s husband, 78, and their eldest daughter, Elena, first reported the alleged fraud in March 2019, published the Washington Post.

The daughter told the Police that they detected the alleged robbery when they found “Financial paperwork” at his Connecticut home, and that he suspected the woman had been stealing money from his father since 1999. The incredulous and disappointed man said that she “had always been in control of finances” and that “she had no idea she was taking money away.”

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Later, the man chose not to press charges, but finally contacted the Justice after requesting a divorce in January 2020. There he declared in writing in October describing in detail “The fraud that monetary gains had suffered for decades.”

Marino revealed to the agents that he had been “Signing” the man’s pension checks and deposited them in his mother’s bank account for thirteen years, according to the affidavit. In addition, he got fraudulently a power of attorney for the man and He acknowledged having pawned some of his belongings.

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