A world champion team used La Casa de Papel to announce the return of a figure

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Not only Neymar appeared in the Spanish Netflix fiction! Meet this soccer player who fits perfectly in a scene from the hit series with Úrsula Corberó.

A team used La Casa de Papel to announce the return of a figure
A team used La Casa de Papel to announce the return of a figure

Since The Money Heist came to Netflix, it became an unprecedented phenomenon at a global level. It was from that moment that millions of followers expressed their love for the Spanish series, including sports figures What Neymar, who even participated with a brief cameo in Álex Pina’s fiction. Success does not stop and, in this way, un world champion team used as a reference the story of the robbery to announce the return of a player.

Its about Club Atlético Peñarol, who shared a tweet on his social networks that states: “There is a new member in La Casa Carbonera”. In this sense, they welcomed Lucas viatri to the Uruguayan team for next season. To do this, they combined images of fiction starring Úrsula Coberó and archive images that recall her time at the institution.

In the scene, The Professor (Álvaro Morte) presents the members of La Banda with his board with what seems to have all the details of the perfect plan. However, it is right there that the photos of Lucas Viatri and the newspaper clippings detailing his best moments, become the focus of the video. “Two-time champion”, “Viatri gave face to the classic”, “Maxi and Viatri turn a crazy match”, Point out some headlines about the footballer.

Next, a plaque details everything about the conditions in which the athlete arrives at the team led by Mauricio Larriera. Explain that he is 34 years old and that he is 1.85 meters tall. And as a finishing touch, it closes with a poster that reads: “Lucas, back home”. This is how they present him with the yellow and black jumpsuit, alluding to the colors that represent the club, and holding the classic Salvador Dalí mask used by the robbers in the series.

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In this way, Viatri returns to Carbonero after leaving it at the beginning of 2020 to join the Colón de Santa Fe team, in Argentina, and a year later in Maldonado, again in Uruguay. But he was not the only player who was presented with the theme of a series: with a graphics that imitates the last season of Cobra Kai –available on Netflix- the renewal of Damien Musto.

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