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“A world for Julius”, the long-awaited film version of the novel by Alfredo Bryce Echenique, one of the key and most widely read texts in Peruvian literature, which has been directed by Rossana Díaz Costa, premiered its official trailer this Friday, September 30.

The film, which began filming in October 2019, will hit the big screen, almost 6 years after (2015) the project was announced., will be released in all theaters in Lima and provinces on November 11, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the publication of the work in Peru.

Mayella Lloclla, leads the cast in the role of Vilma, Julius’s nanny; Fiorella de Ferrari, in the character of Susan, his mother; Spanish actor Nacho Fresneda as Juan Lucas, Susan’s partner; as well as the children Rodrigo Barba (Julius 4 years old), Augusto Linares (Julius 9 years old) and Pamela Saco as Julius’s sister.

They complete the cast Gonzalo Torres, Camila Mac Lennan, Fernando Bacilio, Antonieta Pari and Salvador del Solar in the narration, among others. The film has a magnificent period recreation and was filmed entirely in Lima, in locations such as the Casa Fernandini, the Pedro de Osma Museum and the Guadalupe School.

“Un mundo para Julius” is already part of the Official Selection of several international film festivals such as San Diego International Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Austin Film Festival y el New York Independent Cinema Awards en Estados Unidos.

The film tells the tender and moving story of a boy who wakes up to life with innocence and joy but also with sadness and many questions that he cannot answer, when he sees the huge differences between the beings he loves but who treat him coldly, and the reality of the employees of the house, who take care of him with great affection and are like his other family.

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The story is told from the gaze of Julius, an upper-class boy in Lima in the 1950s, who lives in a splendid mansion with his aristocratic family and extensive servants. As the years pass, Julius will gradually lose his innocence, discovering and never understanding an adult world full of inequalities and injustices.

With a story steeped in tenderness; fascinating and entertaining, and that also rescues values ​​and themes to reflect on, is a film aimed at adults and families, and despite the fact that it takes place in the past, it subtly touches current problems in Peru, such as discrimination, racism, machismo and harassment, which we must eradicate.

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