A young Argentine promise could miss the Olympic Games after having tested positive in an anti-doping test

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Argentina’s Marina Dominci could miss the Olympic Games after giving positive in an anti-doping control. (Photo: EFE)

Martina Dominici, the only Argentine gymnast classified to Tokyo, would miss the olympics after receiving a provisional suspension after having tested positive during an anti-doping control during the recent Pan-American Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he obtained five medals.

The notification was received from the International Gymnastics Federation and caused astonishment in Dominici’s work team, of just 19 years, which now has a week to respond.

For the moment substance not reported That would have caused the positive in the antidoping control, but it is known that it was in the competition held two weeks ago in the Rio de Janeiro city, where Dominici had had a great performance.

The young gymnast had won the gold medal in the jumping event, was second on the ground and in All Around, while she got third place in asymmetric. And he also obtained the bronze in the team event along with Brisa Carraro, Luna Fernández, Abigail Magistrati and Rocío Sauce.

If the positive is confirmed, Dominici would miss the maximum competition of the sport and it is still unknown what will happen to the place that corresponded to him.

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At the beginning of June, the athlete had told the website of the National Sports Secretariat her expectations, after the great performance in the Pan-American: “I want to enjoy all that it means to be at the Games”.

The medals obtained in the recent Pan American Gymnastics in Rio de Janeiro endorsed his Olympic dreams, as well as the daily effort and his winning mentality and he had also indicated: “I am very happy to represent Argentina again after so long, I want to enjoy all that it means to be in an Olympic Game ”.

“Fortunately, despite the pandemic, we were able to prepare well. The training in Spain was very positive and the same at CeNARD. Then we traveled to Brazil where we were able to bring several medals (Argentina won a total of 10) ”, the gymnast had said.

He also indicated on that occasion: “We will soon go to Belgium with our sights set on July 24 when we will be competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games. I always speak in the plural because, although gymnastics is individual, I have a work team and that is very important when it comes to being able to perform at the highest level ”.

The Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo, Japan, between July 23 and August 8.

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