A young man reported that he was discriminated against for kissing his boyfriend: They told me he was disgusting and immoral

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After an exchange of words they apologized to him.

The June 28th of each year the International Pride Day, but despite this there are still people who discriminate against the people who make up this group. Many of them are physically and verbally assaulted for their sexual condition.

This was what happened on Sunday June 27 in a renowned bar in downtown Tucuman. The victim decided to share her bad experience on social media.

“We were happily with my boyfriend, mother and friends having a coffee at Benito Santos Café, everything was rosy and free love flowed smoothly” begins the story of Augusto Moeykens on your Facebook profile.

According to the young man, the kiss she gave her partner triggered the anger of a womanr that she was accompanied by her grandson. “This woman seeing us kiss he took his grandson away from us and told us that what we were doing was wrong, it was disgusting and immoral. Their violence and discrimination made us feel horrible, it hit our hearts. In those moments I tried to tell her that there was nothing wrong with what we were doing and she got worse ”described the victim.

In a video recorded by a customer who was there, he is heard explaining that there was nothing wrong with what they had done. “His grandson told him that he was embarrassing him. That situation of violence with the child pushed me to try to make her understand that his behavior was violent towards us and his grandson “

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After an exchange of words, the woman asked him sorry. “Hopefully we do not have to continue to be subjected to this violence. Hopefully the proud are more and more and the whole society joins to end this scourge that has caused so much damage to hundreds of lives. Not to lower the flags of pride friends“He ended up saying in his discharge.

Victims of hatred and discrimination

According to the latest report issued by the National Observatory of LGBT Hate Crimes, during the first half of 2020, 69 hate crimes were registered. The most affected were trans women, representing 78% of the victims, while 16% were gay men, 4% were lesbians and the remaining 2% were trans men. Of the total of cases, 32 people were murdered, committed suicide or died by absence and / or state abandonment, while the other 37 were physically violated without ending their lives. 55% of the events occurred on public roads and the province that registered the most victims was Buenos Aires with 52.

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