A young man surprises in networks by throwing letters at great distances

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Joel Barreira realiza el truco de lanzamiento de cartas que quedan incrustadas en objetos.

Without a doubt, skills and abilities are not for everyone equally. On more than one occasion, there are some that manage to stand out considerably over the others. One of her is the one that owns joel barrier, a young man who demonstrates undeniable precision to perform a skill rarely seen.

Joel He is 24 years old, lives in Aveiro Portugal and has become a trend on social networks through an incredible trick he performs with the throwing of letters at great distances. The young man has managed to transcend the borders of his country and become known internationally.

joel barrier He is an influencer on social networks. He currently has at least two million people who often visualize the incredible tricks he performs with throwing cards from several feet away. Their greatest skill is to fit them perfectly on a clothespin. His videos have gone viral on the TikTok platform.

To carry out the tests and give an account of his abilities, the talented young man sets a stopwatch that allows him to establish the exact time that each of these tests takes, which is also being filmed at all times by a camera that records the trick from afar .

Later, Barrier, sits in an armchair away from a clothespin and throws the letter that is incredibly embedded. In addition to this, in the video he can be seen standing doing the same test but now the receiving element of the playing card is a fork that also shows the accuracy of the young man.

In the video you can also see joel barrier repeating his skill at different times and with different elements but always taking the cards and the distance between the elements as the main instrument.

The test is also carried out from the back and with a moving object, but always having the same result and showing the astonishment of the protagonist, inevitably captured by the camera.

“For the simple tricks it took an hour, but those that include moving targets can take up to 10 hours to complete,” he said. joel barrier regarding the prowess that has made him famous in public statements.

Of course, the ability of the young Portuguese is very difficult to imitate. Although his skill has involved a significant investment of time, not just anyone could embed letters from a considerable distance into an object with the ease that he does. Without a doubt, the boy has a rare talent and this is not just a matter of chance.

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