“A zoophilic predator”: the police are looking for a man accused of abusing a horse

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The owner of a horse stable in Norfolk said an unidentified man broke into her facility Thursday morning and sexually abused a horse. The evidence of his accusations is in the video captured by one of his security cameras.

Hillary Swarr, owner of Turner Hill Equestrian Stables in Norfolk, Massachusetts, the United States said the man entered the stables around 4:30 in the morning and was alerted by a notification from her alarm system, she said.

“This is my place of work, but I have a greater responsibility to warn the public about a sexual predator. This is a deranged person that I feel like has the potential to do something bigger and that far exceeds my business, “he said in a telephone interview Saturday with the Boston Globe.

Photos provided to the Globe by Swarr show what appears to be a young man inside the stables.

According Swarr, the man demonstrated certain skill in using halters Y cross ties. That suggests it is someone who has experience with horses and be part of the industry: “Someone, perhaps, in the business was smart enough to go into the barn; being able to tie a horse, which for novice people, was not the easiest task; he was able to put him on a cross-tie system, which secures the horse in a certain area and in particular, and had the knowledge to get grain or feed to keep him busy while raping him, “Swarr said.

Horse he was not injured, but a state registered vet gave him a rape kit, similar to the one used in humans to collect DNA evidence.

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In a statement provided by the owner of the abused quadruped, he said that he questions the reasons why the individual chose his horse for “this grotesque act.”

The owner also thanked the stable staff and local police for investigating. She said she is “proud of these amazing women in the barn and the members of the police force who are coming together to ensure everyone’s safety,” according to the statement.

“If it weren’t for a good vigilance, never we would know about this. No one should be sexually assaulted, and we will find this individual and bring him to justice, “Swarr said.

According to ley de Massachusetts, sexual contact between humans and animals it is a punishable offense with up seven years in a state prison, or even two years and a half in a correction house, or a $ 5,000 fine, or a combination of imprisonment and a fine.

Swarr, who said she was devastated and “raped” by the assault and called for the suspect to be found to keep those who live in the area and use the stables safe. Especially since the sexual abuser may be part of the Massachusetts equestrian community.

The owner of the attacked horse assures that families and children regularly use the stable’s facilities: “It is a reminder of how much more aware we must be of our environment and of those we surround ourselves with.”

In addition, the woman called on her community to spread the word and denounce the culprit.

Norfolk Police Detective, Samuel Webb, he told The MetroWest Daily News, which sent an alert to surrounding communities to see if they had any information or history of similar incidents.

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