Abandoned: Blue Box apologizes for the delay of the app and explains what happens

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The app for PS5 of Abandoned is still unavailable. After numerous delays, Blue Box Game Studios called on its thousands of followers to stay tuned to last August 10, when at 9:00 p.m. (CEST) this application was going to be launched and thus be able to interactively know the new video game trailers. But there was a problem (more) that has lasted until the early hours of this Friday, with another statement that continues to beg for patience.

The social network Twitter has become the main and only means of communication for the team led by Hasan Kahraman, that recently recognized the negative impact that ties with Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima have had on the project. Expectations have skyrocketed.

“We ask everyone to calmly wait for the patch. We understand your frustration. We are 100% real and we are working on an exciting game that we believe in. This is what happened ”, opens the thread, posted at 00:06 midnight this Friday, August 13.

We have fixed several engine issues that appeared at the last minute after detecting a graphical glitch. So we wanted to give a quick update. We have almost finished most of the tests “, they maintain, not without thanking all the followers for their patience,” sorry for the inconvenience, “they end. And so it is with Abandoned.

Abandoned, a chain of uncontrolled promises and expectations

The week has been intense for the Blue Box Game Studios Twitter account. Reminders that they are a small study; reminders that they are still working hard to solve problems; invitations to stay tuned for upcoming news and a patch that is extended indefinitely. The ephemeris are not worth either, because finally it will not coincide with the anniversary of PT (August 12), thus dismantling another theory of the fans.

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The reality is that Abandoned is a cutting edge first-person action-adventure video game survival horror in which Hideo Kojima is not involved. The work has no confirmed release date; will be out on PlayStation 5 soon.

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