Abandoned … bombshell or marketing campaign that has gotten out of hand?

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Kojima … is hearing that name and we all open our ears like meerkats to know what he’s up to. Something good, something bad, but Hideo Kojima he always hides something under that permanent aura of mystery that has surrounded him for a few years. Today Juan Arenas and Rubén Vázquez want to enter dangerous terrain.

Regarding Kojima, this way of doing it has led him to have both huge detractors and a fanbase willing to defend any Japanese move. Lately it has been on everyone’s lips because of Abandoned, an indie project that many call being the next Silent Hill developed by Kojima. Although, everything can be said, that he has not commented on it.

Today in Meristation, we wanted to investigate this story to find out who is behind all this. To do this, we will review the most recent pot runs of our beloved creative and we will try to clear up the doubts that surround Abandoned. Is Kojima the biggest troll in the industry or a genius? The soap operas you watched with your grandmother are nothing compared to this, so get ready… here we go! Dadle play al vídeo.

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