Abandoned delayed to 2022: Blue Box answers fans’ questions in a new FAQ

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Abandoned, one of the most mysterious video games of recent times and about which little is known beyond an app for PS5, finally delays its launch in PlayStation 5 a 2022. This is extracted from the new section of questions and answers published by Blue Box Game Studios, a series of key points that try to answer the most widespread doubts among those players who follow the development of a title of which, for now, we only know a brief teaser trailer of just a few seconds.

Abandoned for PlayStation 5 is going to 2022

Thus, one of the answers about the final release of Abandoned announces the game delay to 2022, so it will no longer arrive at the end of this year as it was originally planned; Nothing is confirmed about a possible release window beyond next year, either. Of course, the study reaffirms that the Foreword of the game through the application already available on PS5 and that so much was done to beg not long ago.

Saying Playable Prologue It will be an independent game and will try to offer a preview of what Abandoned has in store for us, or whatever it ends up being called the definitive video game, since they have confirmed that at the time of its launch will receive a new name; What’s more, this demo in digital format as a prologue will apparently have its own list of trophies on PS5 and will be completely free.

Of course, its creators acknowledge that they continue working to continue expanding the contents of the PS5 app, in addition to admitting that they announced the game “too soon”. On the other hand, from Blue Box Game Studios they assure that Abandoned will have edition both in physical and digital format.

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Continuing with all the rumor mill about Abandoned, Blue Box Game Studios once again insist that they have nothing to do with it. ni con Konami ni con Kojima, in addition to denying any link with your previous title, The Haunting. Finally, those responsible have remarked that it will not only be a horror game, since it will also offer mechanics of action and survival.

We hope to hear more news from Abandoned with upcoming updates to the PS5 app.

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