Abandoned delays its PS5 app until August: “The last few weeks have been stressful”

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Those who expected the outcome of the bizarre story that surrounds Abandoned to be cleared this Friday will have to arm themselves with patience. After announcing a three-day delay to the launch of the PS5 app in which the game will be able to be seen, Hasan Kahraman, who for some was Hideo Kojima in the flesh, has reappeared on video. And no, it is not the creative Japanese. This time it has been presented to the players to announce that the application will not be released yet, but will have to wait until August.

“The last weeks have been very stressful for us, the team is very tired,” he says in the video shared on social networks. “We were hoping to launch the application today, and I am aware that many of you were waiting for it, so thank you very much for that. However, I have decided to delay the app until August“, keep going.

According to the director, his intention is to make a good impression on users when they can finally see the title in action. “Right now the app not quite ready yet. Also, we wanted to balance our own expectations first. ” He also adds that they have had to deal with small last minute bugs, although the localization is already completely finished. “I hope you understand, apologies and thank you for your support,” he concludes.

Released in 2021

Abandoned is a first-character horror title that will be released in 2021, if there are no additional issues or issues. Although It was originally announced as a PS5 exclusive On the official PlayStation blog, the team has confirmed that it will also be released on PC.

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Blue Box Game Studios has repeatedly denied any bonding with Hideo Kojima, Silent Hill and Konami, although in some tweets they have hinted at the initials of the mythical horror video game. This independent study has also reported that Nuare, an external company that designs artistic resources for third-party companies, has also participated in the development.

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