Abandoned “is not a horror game” or a Silent Hill, says its creator

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Abandoned, the first person action adventure video game with touch survival de Blue Box Game Studio, it is not a horror video game. At least that is what its creator, Hasan Kahraman, declares in an encounter with the medium NME. The controversy over the constant delays in the PS5 app, denied but persistent theories of its possible link with Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima, or promises that have unleashed the expectations of the title, leave the community in a divided position; especially for the particular communication management of the study.

What is Abandoned; Blue Box explains its creative intention again

Abandoned “is not really a horror game,” Kahraman argues. “Abandoned is a shooter / survival game […] It has certain horror elements, but it’s not really a horror game. It is not what people think, which is Silent Hill ”, he relapses.

The creative explains in the interview that they initially promised that the title was going to be an open world game, “but with the high quality graphics we have today, we have had to sacrifice it”, so that “not really an open world anymore, but a linear story”.

It is to be hoped that this story will be led by a narrative section in which they also work. “The special thing about Abandoned is that it offers a new game mechanic. The way of exploring, the way of taking damage, the way of playing is totally different ”, according to his estimates, thanks to the motion capture technology that they are implementing. The result is “really incredible.”

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Abandoned, flagged by PlayStation this past spring, will soon arrive on PlayStation 5, although it has no estimated release date. The Japanese company itself has stated, in the voice of Shuhei Yoshida, head of the brand’s independent projects department, who does not know if the title is really bigger and more ambitious than we think. Soon we will know more details of the title, its scale and gameplay.

Source | NME; via Screen Rant


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