Abandoned reveals a man with an eyepatch who sparks rumors again

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Every time they speak, the bread goes up. Blue Box Game Studios, the developer behind Abandoned for PS5 and PC, is an independent studio, but many theories have linked them to the figure of Hideo Kojima y Konami. However, they have denied it time and again, despite the fact that several of their communications on social networks have pointed to the name of Silent Hill. As if that weren’t enough, they have done it again in a new Twitter post.

“Are you ready? We are ”, they publish in the aforementioned social network. They promote the trailer in real time that can be enjoyed through an application. The curious thing about the matter is the image that accompanies it, a snapshot that immediately caught the attention of the players.

Behind the labels with the titles and brand images appears the blurred figure of a guy who apparently wears a march in his eye. At the moment, many are those who have mentioned the name of Metal Gear Solid. In addition, other unfocused phrases appear above the letters of the title, very much in the style of the Tactical Espionage Action of the Kojima saga. In short, more fuel for the fire.

The trailer can be viewed through an application

The theory that Hideo Kojima is behind the project has also been fueled by the way they are going to show their first gameplay trailer. Players can now download the application on PlayStation 5, which will serve to run in real time the Abandoned video. This first-person horror game will be seen on August 10.

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Abandoned is in development for PS5 and PC, still no specific date. Still, the studio hopes to launch it sometime in 2021. For now, everyone is curious if there is something else behind the project or if, after all, they are what they claim to be: an independent studio.

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