Abandoned will not be exclusive to PS5 and announces that it will also arrive on PC, according to Blue Box Studios

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Abandoned, one of the video games that has unleashed the most rumors and craziness in recent times, is an indie horror title that was believed to be a PS5 exclusive. However, the official Twitter account of Blue Box Studios has confirmed that it will also come to PC “possibly.

The study has confirmed the launch on PC in several responses to tweets on the official account in recent days. To give an example, we show you this tweet in which they respond to a person who asked if Abandoned would reach PC. The answer was a simple “possibly“: Short, but sufficient.

The real reality is that we know very little about Abandoned, in fact we don’t even have a release window. Of the few things that we knew with “certainty” is that it would be exclusive to PS5 and that the game will feature a special application on consoles to present your trailers. Will they want to take advantage of the DualSense news? Or is there something else?

As for the app, the reveal date was slightly delayed and is scheduled for June 25th; however, Blue Box has removed the tweet promising a release date and has not mentioned a release date announcement again.

According to rumors, Abandoned would have connections to Silent Hill, Konami, and Hideo Kojima, which is not an understatement. What we do know is that Abandoned is just a codename and that Blue Box is a studio based in the Netherlands and led by CEO Hasan Kahraman, with a team of more than 50 people. Blue Box has had two titles released, one that never left Steam Greenlight and another that was sold to another company while it was still in Early Access.

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The studio has worked with Sony since 2015 on Abandoned. The only thing we’ve seen is a teaser for the game earlier this year. It is expected that many aspects of the game will be shown with the launch of the app on consoles. At the moment, it is a great mystery.

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