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ABC's Deborah Roberts Shares Heartbreaking News, Flooded with Prayers

ABC’s Deborah Roberts Shares Heartbreaking News, Flooded with Prayers

Deborah Roberts delivered a heartbreaking update on Tuesday, sharing news of her friend’s death. Alongside a selection of photos with former WESH 2 News reporter Beth Powers, Deborah penned an emotional tribute detailing their friendship and her loss.

She began: “If you’re fortunate in life, you connect with someone who becomes a lifelong friend. A confidant. A champion. A listener. A kind soul. An unending source of goodness. Beth Powers Lamm has been that and so much more for three decades.”

Deborah recalled how they met in Orlando as reporters at competing stations. Instead of the competition driving them apart, it fostered a deep bond. “Our evening assignments soon followed by shared glasses of wine; red for her; white for me. The years ushered in roaring bouts of laughter, weekend spa visits, political debates, beautiful weddings, and a cherished, unwavering friendship.”

When they both became mothers, Deborah noted that their friendship shifted but never disappeared. “Children, careers, and life stole much of our time, yet Beth and I never missed a beat during a precious phone call, even after an embarrassing amount of time had gone by,” she remembered.

“Once, we even found ourselves, serendipitously, in Paris at the same time and hopped on a train to Giverny for lunch and a tour of Monet’s home.”

Deborah described Beth’s personality in her tribute: “Beth was innately curious, passionate, and intrepid.” Regarding motherhood, she added, “She cherished her two grown children and grandchildren but yearned to keep discovering and learning.”

“Her light, ever so bright, has now gone out. It’s a shattering loss for those of us who loved her. The world has lost a beautiful soul. But heaven just gained one. Rest in peace, Beth. Sending love and prayers of comfort to Jim, Helen, and Danny.”

Fans rushed to send prayers and kind words following the news of Beth’s death. Her obituary revealed that Beth was 63 when she died from “a short and heroic battle with cancer,” and that she passed away in the arms of her beloved husband, Jim, in their home.

She leaves behind her mother, Patricia, sister, Cyndi, brother, Christopher, her husband, their two children, Helen and Daniel, and four grandkids under the age of four.

“Beth, known affectionately as ‘Bee-Bee’, loved nothing more than to spend precious time with her grandchildren reading, cooking, and cuddling,” the obituary noted. She was laid to rest on July 2.

Source: Particle News