About Kyle Rittenhouse’s Sisters- McKenzie Rittenhouse and Faith Rittenhouse

Hello people! Welcome to this article. Today’s article is aimed to acquaint you with the two sisters of the very famous Kyle Rittenhouse. Scroll down and read the article to the very end because by the end of this article, you we’ll get to know a lot about the Rittenhouse family.

Who is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse came to the limelight when he shot and killed three men during the civil riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the August of 2020. An even more surprising fact about this encounter was that Kyle killed those men when he was just 17 years of age.

Trials were run against Kyle Rittenhouse after the encounter. However, fortunately, he was found not guilty of the murder and all other charges imposed on him on account of self-defense during the trial run in November 2021.

Kyle was born in 2003 to Wendy Rittenhouse, his mother, and Michael Rittenhouse, his father. The couple got married in 2000, but due to some reasons, they had to file a divorce and separate from each other after they had given birth to their three children.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a brother to two sisters, Faith Rittenhouse and Mackenzie Rittenhouse.

About Kyle Rittenhouse’s Sisters Mckenzie Rittenhouse and Faith Rittenhouse 

There are two biological sisters of Kyle Rittenhouse. They are Faith Rittenhouse and Mackenzie Rittenhouse. Faith is the elder one and was born in the year 2000, whereas McKenzie is the younger one who was born in 2004. The information about the day and month of their births is not yet available.

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Both Mackenzie and Faith proved to be a great support to their brother when trials were being run against him. The sisters attended all the courtroom meetings and never failed to provide very much-needed moral support to their brother.

Faith’s little house was Michael and Wendy’s very first child. She is currently 22 years old. Mackenzie Rittenhouse, on the other hand, is now 18 years old. Her name came up during the trials because the man she was dating admitted to having bought the weapon for Kyle Rittenhouse to shoot the people. 

However, the man claimed that he had not given the weapon to Rittenhouse because he was a miner at that time, and it was illegal to provide the weapon to him. Later, the court’s judge dismissed the charge of the weapons because of the state law wording.

Their brothers arrested Kyle Rittenhouse and shot Three men during the protests and rallies after a white officer non-fatally shot a black man called Jacob Blake. During his trial, Rittenhouse defended himself by bringing up the matter of self-defense, and he was successful in doing so as he was acquitted of all the charges on the grounds of self-defense. 

To shoot those men, it didn’t use a semi-automatic AR15-style rifle. The hidden house was assisted by a group of fully armed men in Kenosha to accomplish the encounter. The men claimed to be presidents there to protect the businesses.

A 36-year-old man called Joseph Rosenbaum off Kenosha, who was completely unarmed, cheesed Kyle Rittenhouse in two parking spots, after which he was fatally shot from a very close range not once, but four times. The entire crowd present there ran after Kyle Rittenhouse but to no avail because Rittenhouse had already fled.

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 Another 26-year-old Silver Lake resident, Anthony Huber, entered into a collision with Rittenhouse while on his skateboard and was eventually shot by the latter right in the chest.

The third man to be shot was Gaige Grosskreutz, a 26-year-old from West Allis. Unlike the other two, Gaige was armed with a handgun. But his handgun did not help much since he was also shot in the right arm by Kyle Rittenhouse. However, fortunately, he survived and did not lose his life.

After this incident, Kyle Rittenhouse was alleged of homicide, attempted homicide, endangerment, illegal possession of weapons, and violation of curfew. All these charges were put against him, and he was supposed to run through court trials in the coming weeks.

In the courtroom debates, his lawyer tries to protect him by arguing that his actions were attempted only in a bid to defend himself. The trials ran from the first of November till the 19th of November in the year 2021. The court’s judge dismissed the charges of illegal possession of weapons and violation of curfew called Bruce Schroeder, as these charges were legally unsupported. The jury unanimously agreed that Rittenhouse was not guilty of all the charges imposed upon him.

The media houses and the public were of mixed opinions about Kyle Rittenhouse. in some people’s eyes, Rittenhouse had become a hero, while in the eyes of others, he was just a criminal who deserved to be put behind bars. The court judgment attracted many questions from different people, including celebrities, who questioned the fairness and justification given by the court judges.

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The Rittenhouse Family

Not much information is available to the public about Mackenzie and Faith Rittenhouse; they are known only as Kyle Rittenhouse’s assistants. Their mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, frequently defended Kyle Rittenhouse during interviews and attended all the courtroom discussions with her daughters to build his son’s confidence and provide him with moral support.

During the testimony, Wendy Rittenhouse even broke into tears. She tells everybody who tries to criticize her son that Kyle is not a monster but a moral and correct citizen. She advises people not to Make a judgment merely by watching the incident video and then to take one step at a time. She claims that the mob attacked her son.


From the limited available information, what can be made about the Rittenhouse sisters is that they truly love their brothers and support them through all ups and downs. The sisters are in their early youth, but nothing is known about their career fields or plans. The Rittenhouse family continues to live a secluded life and hates to talk publicly about the shooting incident involving their brother.

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