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ABP's Matt Brown Says His Life Is 'Falling Apart'

ABP’s Matt Brown Says His Life Is ‘Falling Apart’

Fans are expressing concern for former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown. In a recent live-stream video on YouTube, Brown shared some troubling updates about his life, admitting that it was “falling apart.” He disclosed several hardships he’s been facing and revealed plans to return to the wilderness.

Matt Brown appeared carefree two weeks ago while spending time in Washington with a woman, enjoying music nights and outings. However, things took a turn for the worse when his phone was hacked.

Following the hacking incident, Matt took drastic measures, deleting all apps from his phone to safeguard his YouTube and Instagram accounts. He emphasized the effort he put into building his online community and the importance of keeping his social media secure. The hacking left his phone’s text garbled with symbols during a night out, prompting him to log out of his accounts and avoid entering his password on that device.

In his video, Matt also touched on a longstanding issue involving people trying to sabotage the Alaskan Bush People’s lives for years, hinting that some of those responsible were once close to the show. He even suggested that he might expose their identities if the harassment continues.

Matt’s struggles don’t end there. The bosses at the orchard where he worked retired last year, leaving the trees removed and no work to be done. Consequently, he has to move out of the house on the orchard property. With no job prospects and a refusal to take up grocery bagging, Matt has decided to go back to living in the wilderness.

He mentioned setting up a “fort” in the mountains and briefly hid there after the hacking incident. However, it remains unclear how he will sustain his social media career, which is currently his only source of income, once he moves off-grid. Matt spoke of plans to use his phone for target practice and then presumably get a new one. He also has a computer, but how he will manage without electricity in the wilderness is uncertain.

Given Matt’s history as a recovering addict, fans are particularly concerned about his wellbeing. Many believe that his current mental state may not be conducive to maintaining his sobriety.

Do you have any thoughts on Matt Brown’s recent challenges? Do you believe he is at risk of relapse, or do you think he will remain strong through these tough times? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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