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Absolute Power Brings Major Changes to DC's Heroes

Absolute Power Brings Major Changes to DC’s Heroes

DC’s long-awaited “Absolute Power” has finally arrived, and it certainly lives up to expectations. The first issue is packed with surprises, particularly the shocking way Amanda Waller confronts DC’s heroes. If you haven’t read Absolute Power #1 yet, be warned, spoilers are ahead.

Early in the issue, Amanda Waller unveils her newly assembled team, consisting of Queen Brainiac and Failsafe, who together have created Task Force VII. This team is crucial to their plans, modeled after the power set of the former Justice League. Remarkably, these members are Amazos, capable not only of absorbing heroes’ powers but also equipped with significant upgrades. Waller’s game-changing move is stripping these powers from the heroes, with no possible way to regain them.

Working with Failsafe and Brainiac Queen, Waller produces an army of Amazos capable of stealing the heroes’ abilities. Superman, Connor, and Jonathan are among the first to lose their powers and fall back to Earth. The Justice Society of America, Aquaman, and Doom Patrol also suffer the same fate. Mister Terrific, the Flash Family, and Wonder Woman face this new army, losing their powers in the process, and Waller’s plan doesn’t stop there.

Waller’s strategy goes beyond merely taking powers—she’s targeting other abilities and skill sets to ensure her dominance. Task Force VII is designed to absorb powers and drain devices. Doctor Fate’s helmet, stripped of its magical capabilities, is a clear example of this. Waller also ensures that those who use magic will forget how to conjure it, demonstrated by the disappearance of Spectre.

In a further twist, Waller seals away the timestream and the micro-verse, eliminating any chance of escape. There’s an additional gut punch for the former Justice League: even if they defeat these upgraded Amazos, their powers will not return. This new technology means there’s no pathway to recover their abilities, leaving the heroes powerless as the issue concludes.

For new readers, the series remains accessible. While “Absolute Power” pulls from other DC books, it doesn’t alienate those unfamiliar with recent storylines. According to the creators, the context and stakes are laid out clearly, making it easy for casual DC fans to dive into the series. By the time readers reach the eighth or ninth page, they should have a strong understanding of the situation and the characters involved.

The storyline of “Absolute Power” is centered around the concept that the heroes of the DC Universe are rendered powerless, with Amanda Waller finally achieving the ability to steal the metahuman abilities of every hero and villain on Earth. As chaos ensues and a misinformation campaign sways public opinion to her side, Waller systematically targets each superhero dynasty, starting with Superman. However, even in these dire circumstances, a resistance begins to form, with Batman leading the charge for vengeance. This marks the start of a shocking global blitzkrieg, set to reshape the DC Universe for years to come, brought to life by the talents of Mark Waid and Dan Mora.

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