Acapulco Shore 8: Eddie displayed his dancing skills in episode 9

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Acapulco Shore It is very close to finishing its season 8. Despite the difficulties that arose to film it due to the coronavirus pandemic, finally the production of the series of MTV He managed to find an alternative for the recording to take place. In this way, the new episodes reached the screen of the music channel and simultaneously through Paramount+, which arrived in Latin America earlier this year.

The reality show, which is an adaptation of the American show Jersey Shore, premieres a new chapter every Tuesday and this Tuesday was no exception. The season 8 episode 9 He was not oblivious to the controversies, the fights and, of course, the party as the shore has accustomed us to. Here, we show you the best censored scenes from this latest installment.

The best censored scenes of episode 9 of Acapulco Shore 8

One of the characteristics that most represents Acapulco ShoreSince it began airing in 2014, it is the “riot” and the party to the max. This season the shore is enjoying the best in a huge mansion of a seaside resort. And in this latest episode 9, one of the guys brought out his dancing skills.

Is about Eddie, who encouraged everything and surprised with a perfect dance in the pipe. In fact, it was he who taught some steps to Alba already Gabo so that they can display all their sensuality. The truth is that the clip enchanted the followers of the show, who could not help but have fun with the scene.

When does episode 10 of Acapulco Shore 8 premiere?

Acapulco Shore season 8 has 12 chapters and the next one that will be number 10 will arrive on the screen of MTV Latinoamérica the Tuesday June 29 at 10 PM. In addition, it can be seen in Paramount+, where all deliveries are available. The platform has other interesting series to see how Killing Eve, The Handmaid’s Tale y The Office.


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