Acapulco Shore 8 episode 12 will have a special schedule: how and when to watch it

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Acapulco Shore is the most popular series in the history of MTV. Although it emerged as a music channel, over time, it was gaining ground in the world of reality. So he beat big bets like Next, Plug Me In The Machine and even his own Jersey Shore, the American program in which this Latin version has been inspired since 2014, the year in which its first broadcast aired.

Season 8 of the show is already on its way episode 12 And like every week it can be seen this Tuesday, only, this time during special hours. The reason has to do with MTV MIAW 2021, which after a year of absence due to the coronavirus pandemic returned to the channel’s screen. For this reason, the programming grid moved in an exceptional way and here we tell you when to see this new chapter.

When to watch episode 12 of Acapulco Shore 8

It won’t be long until season 8 of Acapulco Shore. It began airing in April and its arrival on the channel was not easy. In fact, due to the pandemic, the original format had to be modified. As could be seen, the participants could not enter bars or discos, on the contrary, the entire delivery was filmed inside a super mansion.

Now, that didn’t stop the shores They did their thing and there would be in each chapter a new riot more conflicts and fights between some members. But that is not all. In addition, they already had the Argentine influencer as guests Charlotte Caniggia and the brazilian brand new. And this chapter will see a new confrontation. This time, it will be between Diego Y Matheus and it will not be easy to calm them down.

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The episodio 12 de Acapulco Shore 8 this can be done Tuesday, July 13 at 9 PM throughout Latin America just after the MIAW 2021 Pink Carpet. At the end of the episode, the programming will continue with the main show of this year’s Best of Youth Music Awards, hosted by Kali Uchis already the mexican influencer Kenia Os. Also at nine o’clock at night the chapter will premiere in Paramount+.

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