Acapulco Shore: will it have season 9 on MTV?

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Acapulco Shore is the most successful series of MTV several years. It began as an adaptation of the American reality show Jersery Shore, but it finally overcame the event of the original version and has already been on the air for eight seasons. The last one premiered at the end of April and episode 12 will be released next Tuesday. And, of course, fans are already wondering if the series will actually have a new installment. Here, we tell you if there will be season 9.

Will there be season 9 of Acapulco Shore on MTV?

Before the end of season 8 the shores they had the luxury of receiving a new guest. And it was not just anyone but the Argentine influencer and daughter of ex-footballer Claudio Paul Caniggia, Charlotte Caniggia. The 28-year-old girl arrived at the super mansion of Acapulco Shore and dazzled with her glamorous style. Nacha It was the first of the shores who received it and said: “Charlotte is the best”.

But that was not all. There is not a chapter in this super mansion where these young men do not be encouraged to parties and sheer riot. In fact, this was the case last Tuesday in episode 11, where Diego was in charge of making a large part of his teammates drunk, such as Eddie and Alba. “It’s burning me”Alba said at one point.

All episodes of Acapulco Shore They are a true adventure that few series on television achieve. That is why, being a little from the final closing, the followers of the program already want to know if there will be a next installment. And we can finally say that the MTV series will have season 9.

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The news was given in the special Acapulco Shock, which is a kind of summary of each installment and that usually invites the protagonists of the reality show. The castings for the season are believed to have already started and the recordings are likely to take place in August. Of course, the series does not yet have a release date and its arrival on MTV as a Paramount+ It will depend on post-production times and also on the coronavirus pandemic.


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