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Accept’s Wolf Hoffmann Reveals Band’s Two Most Rewarding Albums

Accept’s long-standing career has seen its fair share of highs and lows. During a recent appearance on the Full Metal Jackie radio show, Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann discussed the two most rewarding album cycles in the band’s history from his perspective.

It won’t surprise many that Hoffmann highlighted Balls to the Wall, which helped the band gain a global fanbase. But he also pointed out the significance of Blood of the Nations. This album marked a triumphant return for Accept, featuring a new singer and coming after a period of absence.

During the interview, Hoffmann also discussed the band’s latest album, Humanoid. The guitarist explained the relevance of the title in today’s tech-heavy society and provided insights into the new tracks “Frankenstein” and “Straight Up Jack,” with the latter being influenced by AC/DC.

Wolf Hoffmann shared his thoughts on working with producer Andy Sneap again and reflected on the significant changes in the music industry as Accept nears their 50th anniversary.

“We figured this is a very up-to-date topic because right now, everybody’s talking about AI and technology being overwhelming, and so it was on our mind as well,” Hoffmann said about Humanoid. “I wrote that song ‘Humanoid,’ not really thinking about too much at the time, but as all the songs were finished, we thought this is the most current topic we have, and it should definitely be the album title.”

Regarding the track “Frankenstein,” Hoffmann explained, “Funny enough, there’s a certain overlap. If you think about it, Frankenstein’s maybe the original antique version of a humanoid. It’s more or less coincidence. Uwe [Lulis] came up with a basic concept, and Mark [Tornillo] gave it a story.”

Hoffmann described the creation of “Straight Up Jack,” saying it was unconventional since the lyrics came before the music. “Mark writes lyrics without the music being there. He sent us these lyrics, and I really liked them a lot. The music came after, and it naturally turned into an AC/DC-inspired song, which fits perfectly.”

He also spoke highly of his collaboration with producer Andy Sneap. “It just works. We’re a great team together. We’ve worked over the years so many times that it almost feels like a no-brainer. Like I say, never change a winning team. And I think we are winning with Andy.”

Reflecting on the approaching 50th anniversary of Accept, Hoffmann noted, “The whole landscape has changed tremendously. When we started, it was all about getting that record deal with a major label. Now it’s about digital downloads and streaming. However, the touring aspect hasn’t changed. You pack your gear, travel, and play your songs in front of an audience, and that’s still very much the same.”

Discussing the band’s history, Hoffmann mentioned the most rewarding album cycles for him. “There are two albums that really stand out for me. Balls to the Wall in 1984 was significant because it was our first time breaking out of Europe. Then there was Blood of the Nations in 2009 when we reformed with Mark Tornillo as the new singer. That album was a major stepping stone and started a whole new chapter in our career.”

As their tour with KK’s Priest approaches, Hoffmann expressed his excitement. “Really looking forward to coming back to the United States. And this package with KK’s Priest is going to be amazing, you know? So come and see us.”

Thanks to Wolf Hoffmann of Accept for the interview. The band’s Humanoid album is available now.

Source: Full Metal Jackie