Accidentally Famous: 10 People Who Became Gained Celebrity Status by Chance

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Gaining fame is much like a lottery win, you really don’t know if it’ll happen. So much so, it happens to people who don’t even plan to become famous! They simply happened to be in the right place, at the right time and, of course… meet the right people!

 Of course, it’s everyone’s dream to live in the lap of luxury and not worry about financial struggles for the rest of their life – even if one doesn’t aspire to become rich through fame or celebrity status. Indeed, there are simple people – just like you and me – who were never famous to begin with and gained fame precisely because they won a fortune through an unexpected lottery or casino win.

Let’s take a look at ten people who became celebrities by chance. 

#1. Tracy Chapman

When Tracy Chapman was studying at Tufts University, her classmate sent one of her demos to his father, a music executive. Charles Koppelman understood Chapman’s potential and immediately flew to see her performance. Within a short time, he had signed a label contract with her!

#2. Park Jae-Sang

Known in professional circles as PSY, the South Korean rapper, singer, record producer, and songwriter was unknown before Gangnam Style. His video brought him overnight fame and popularity. He is now known worldwide, and his video is one of the most viewed in YouTube history. 

#3. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was unknown till she met Warren Littlefield, the former president of NBC Entertainment, at a gas station. Aniston was looking for a break to get her foot into the door and audition for the big screen. Her meeting with Littlefield was her lucky break as he promised to remember her and give her a chance. Soon, she received an invitation to audition for the hit TV series Friends and bagged the role of Rachel Green. 

#4. Cheng Go

An amateur photographer snapped a photo of a Chinese tramp and posted it on social media. The post became viral, and the tramp Cheng Go became famous overnight. He even got the title of “China’s sexiest tramp.” 

Almost overnight, Cheng Go turned into a model. He returned to his family members, who had believed him dead. His fans raised funds for him, and he received offers to appear in ad campaigns. 

#5. Chloë Sevigny

When she was seventeen, Chloe Sevigny was skateboarding with friends in East Village when she met a photographer working for i-D, a fashion and music magazine. When the photographer offered a photo shoot, she couldn’t refuse. Even once she became an internationally acclaimed actress and model, she maintained that this was the best photoshoot of her career. 

#6. David Boreanaz


David Boreanaz’s dreams of becoming a famous actor came true in 1996 when he accidentally met Marcia Shulman, the casting director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was looking for someone to act the role of Angel, a vampire with a soul. 

David was taking his dog for a walk when Shulman’s friend noticed him. Shulman soon approved him, and he played the role of Angel in the TV series for 25 years. 

#7. Lana Turner

William R. Wilkerson, the founder of The Hollywood Reporter, noticed 16-year-old Lana Turner in a café, where she was drinking a soda with friends. He realized her potential and introduced her to Zeppo Marx, a talent agent. Marx helped her get a small role in They Won’t Forget

#8. Rosario Dawson

When she was 15, Rosario Dawson was watching the shooting of a commercial. The screenwriter and the director approached her and asked if she would like to act in a movie. Harmony Korine, the screenwriter, felt that Dawson was perfect for one of her characters.

#9. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas was six when his mother took him for a haircut. Someone overheard Jonas sing and gave his mother a manager’s card. Jonas soon became a Broadway star and signed his first deal when he was just 11. 

#10. Marilyn Monroe

A touring photographer took a picture of 19-year-old Marilyn Monroe, and she soon began working as his model. She made enough money to quit her job and divorce her husband. Her modeling success soon got her an acting role. 

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