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Accuser Claims Mia Goth Said ‘Nobody Will Believe You’

In an online report, James Hunter has provided new details regarding his lawsuit against “MaXXXine” star Mia Goth, director Ti West and A24 alleging that Goth kicked him in the head while he was performing as a background actor on the set of the horror film.

In his original complaint, Hunter claimed that he informed the film’s second assistant director that Goth nearly stepped on him during a scene in which he had to lay down on the ground while Goth ran past him. In the next take, Hunter alleges that Goth intentionally kicked him in the head, causing him a concussion, and then “taunted, mocked and belittled him” when Hunter went to use the bathroom.

In a new interview with horror news site Dread Central, Hunter provided more specific detail about this encounter with Goth. He alleges that Goth followed him to a porta-potty in a remote restroom area and pushed open the door to the stall he was using.

When he tried to apologize for not locking the door, Hunter claimed Goth replied, “Nobody will believe you because you’re nothing. Get the fuck off my set, you big baby.” Hunter says he wrote these words down immediately so he could remember them word for word. An attorney for Hunter told Variety that the alleged quote from Goth had been shared with the defendant’s legal team.

Goth, West and A24 have all denied Hunter’s allegations in court filings. In a statement first provided to Dread Central, a representative for A24 reiterated the studio’s position that Hunter’s claims “are simply not true.”

The statement continued: “As this is in active litigation, we cannot say more at this time but continue to vigorously defend Mia and the entire filmmaking team against these extremely baseless allegations.”

Hunter’s lawsuit further alleged that he felt so lightheaded driving home from work that he had to pull over his car twice, and that he was subsequently informed by the production that they did not want him to return for the remaining two days of his shoot. The suit accuses Goth of battery and A24, Goth and West of wrongful termination.

“MaXXXine” opened in theaters on July 5, grossing an estimated $6.7 million domestically in its first three days.

Source: Variety, Dread Central.