Ace Attorney characters are being used to stop Japanese kids from smoking weed

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Osaka prefectural police in Japan is using characters from Ace Attorney games as part of a campaign to combat marijuana use among children.

In a Capcom press release, the company has revealed that it is collaborating with the Osaka Police Juvenile Crime Prevention Awareness Program to produce 6,000 posters and 4,000 brochures featuring the characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The posters show the classic “objection!” by Ace Attorney, accompanied by a big “NO!” written in font that is instantly recognizable.

According to Capcom, the Osaka Prefecture contacted the company to request the use of Ace Attorney characters as part of his new campaign against marijuana. Police are promoting an anti-drug message directed at children after observing “a striking shift towards younger age groups“among cases of marijuana use.

The brochures will be distributed along with individually wrapped masks to Osaka prefectural schools, police booths and train stations starting today, December 9.

Although this is the first time that Ace Attorney characters have been used as part of a police project, Capcom has previously worked with law enforcement, having collaborated with the prefectural police of the Kansai region in prevention and awareness activities on traffic safety for the Tamura police station, among other projects.

We offered you the analysis of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles this year. Don’t do drugs.

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