“Achileas Makes a Grand Hollywood Debut with Jennifer Lawrence as His Exceptional Godmother”

Achileas from Greece: A Rising Star in Hollywood

From his haircut, the features of his face, and his gaze, anyone would say that he has an air of one of the greatest myths of golden Hollywood such as James Dean. Our young protagonist still has a world to go to reach the level of the remembered actor from films like Giant or Rebel Without a Cause, but everything will work out.

Achileas’ Debut in

Achileas from Greece could not be happier after her debut in style at the movie mecca and with the best godmother she could have: Jennifer Lawrence. With her family and in an idyllic setting, this is how Achileas from Grecia celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Achileas’ Role in No Hard Feelings

The third son of princes Pablo and Marie-Chantal participates in the hilarious American comedy No Hard Feelings, which hit theaters in mid-June and in Spain is titled the colloquial expression Sin malos rollos. This weekend, the 22-year-old who is part of the Helena Royal House fervently encouraged his followers to go see what is his brand new premiere on the big screen. Trick or treat?

A Proud Achievement in His First Film

“My first film! Proud to play a small role in something so special,” he expressed with enthusiasm in his public profile about what it has meant to work in this production that triumphs in the box office. Although his appearance on the tape is not very extensive, the truth is that for him it is quite an achievement to be able to be part of a cast with stars of such caliber. In fact, along with the protagonist of The Hunger Games, it is worth noting the presence of another consecrated face such as Matthew Broderick (Godzilla, Addicted to Love, Inspector Gadget). It has rhythm!

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A Thriving Journey and a Bright Future

The infanta Elena’s godson also shared an image of himself while pointing to the poster of the feature film with a big smile on his face, at this stage of his life where his dreams begin to come true. For her part, Jennifer Lawrence passed through our country a few weeks ago to promote this work and she did it together with its co-star, Andrew Barth Feldman. Both were also on the set of El Hormiguero, where it was clear how well they get along during the fun chat they had with Pablo Motos.

Achievements and Happiness in Achileas’ Life

Meanwhile, for Achileas Andreas -his full name- have been a few months of joy since in May he graduated with honors in Arts from the University of New York. So, he was accompanied by his parents, his siblings, and his girlfriend, the British model and photographer Isabella Massenet, daughter of the founders of Net-a-Porter. The young man, who managed to sneak into the list of the most attractive princes made by Tatler magazine in 2020, was overjoyed after obtaining his degree.

A Multitalented Prince

He also has a successful facet as an influencer and tiktoker, being passionate about traveling and cooking, a big fan of skiing, motocross, and dancing, as well as a virtuoso playing the drums. Despite the fact that he has always remained in the background when it comes to the non-reigning Greek monarchy, the truth is that he is a very outgoing, adventurous boy, eager to conquer the world and, above all, make a name someday in celluloid.

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A Festive Surprise from Pablo and Achileas

Pablo and Achileas from Greece put up the Christmas tree…and you will be impressed by how big it is.

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