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Acolyte Episode 6: Luke Skywalker Link Is Stranger Than You Think

After watching “The Acolyte” Episode 6, fans might be curious if Osha and Qimir are on Ahch-To, the remote planet where Luke resides during his exile in “The Last Jedi.” When the show’s trailers revealed scenes of a rocky island, fans speculated and dissected every detail. However, now that we have a clearer view of the villain’s hideout, the answer remains somewhat mysterious, leaning towards a likely “no.”

Episode 6 labels the location merely as “Unknown Planet,” maintaining an aura of mystery. While the Stranger’s island showcases caves and cliffs that resemble those on Luke’s island in “The Last Jedi,” it lacks sufficient evidence to confirm it as the same place. Notably, “The Acolyte” does not feature porgs, the bird-like creatures seen in “The Last Jedi,” although the small, trunked creatures Osha encounters might be reminiscent of tinier versions of the larger animals Luke is shown milking in “The Last Jedi.”

A popular fan theory suggests that this unknown planet might be the Star Wars Legends planet Bal’demnic. In the now-non-canon novel “Darth Plagueis,” Bal’demnic is described as being endowed with vast oceans, rocky islands, and rich cortosis deposits. Significant time is spent on this planet by Sith Lords Plagueis and Tenebrous. This theory gains traction considering that Qimir utilizes cortosis in both his helmet and gauntlet, creating multiple connections.

Even if the exact identity of the planet remains uncertain, the visual cues in “The Acolyte” Episode 6 are undoubtedly designed to evoke “The Last Jedi.” In many ways, Osha’s role mirrors Rey’s, while Qimir appears to occupy a space somewhere between Luke and Kylo Ren.

Fans continue to debate and theorize the planet’s true identity, showcasing the compelling and engaging narrative “The Acolyte” continues to build around its characters and locations. Although the show withholds specific details, it is the intricate connections and visual parallels that keeps the Star Wars community deeply invested and eager for more revelations.

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