ACS extends mining contract in Indonesia for 218 million euros

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The ACS group, through its Australian subsidiary CIMIC, has extended a mining contract in Melak, Indonesia, for about 218 million euros ($345 million).

The works, which will be developed through its investee Thiess, will expand the services already provided by the company to the Bayan Resources group in the Melak mining complex in East Kalimantan, as indicated in a statement.

From May 2023, Thiess will continue to provide full mining services, including loading and transportation, drilling and blasting, cargo charcoal, road maintenance and rehabilitation.

Thiess has provided services for Bayan Resources in Melak since 2008.

Thiess Chief Executive Michael Wright is testament to the company’s ability to deliver safe and sustainable long-term operations in Indonesia as it continues to expand its operations in other areas.

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