Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Update: Department of Human Resources Charged with Destruction of Documents

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The Lawsuit of the State of California to Activision Blizzard has been updated, adding temporary workers to the indictment and accusing the editor of withholding / destroying key documents for the investigation.

Axios informs about the update of the demand. As he points out, “documents and records have not been maintained as required by law” and “documents related to investigations and complaints were shredded by human resources staffYou can see the update in the tweet we share below.

This is not the only allegation against the company’s Human Resources Department. They have been reported by many employees who claim that the department did little or nothing to address allegations of abuse and harassment when they have been going on for years. Measures of diversity and inclusion were described in the reports as superficial and insufficient.

MRT contacted the Activision Blizzard spokesperson and he stated: “Throughout our commitment to the DFEH, we have complied with all appropriate requests in support of its review, including as we have been implementing reforms to ensure that our workplaces are welcoming and safe for all employees. Those changes continue today, and include:

  • Various senior staff changes;
  • Renewed hiring and recruiting practices that require diverse interview panels;
  • Greater transparency regarding equal pay;
  • Expansion and improvement of training and research capacities of human resources and compliance personnel;
  • Creation of investigation teams outside the business units to support greater independence;
  • Divisional restructuring to support greater accountability;
  • Improved review processes to include employee evaluation of managers;
  • Clear boundaries on workplace behavior with a zero tolerance approach to bullying and other demeaning or marginalizing actions.
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Later Activision Blizzard modified the statement to explicitly deny the accusations of destruction of documents by the Department of Human Resources. “With respect to claims that we have destroyed information by destroying documents, those claims are not true. We take the appropriate measures to preserve the information relevant to the investigation of the DFEH“.

Activision Blizzard is not having a good time, there have even been rumors (not entirely reliable) that Activision is planning to disband Blizzard. These rumors have not grown, although the complaint continues to escalate, some backers are rethinking their partnership with Blizzard and the The gaming community has shown clear dissatisfaction with the company.

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