Actor Eduardo Yáñez Stands Up for Jorge Salinas Following His Altercation with the Press

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Eduardo Yáñez Defends Jorge Salinas and Calls for Respect

Eduardo Yáñez recently came to the defense of his colleague, Jorge Salinas, after the latter’s husband referred to reporters as “filthy” for questioning him about recent controversies. Yáñez, who has also had his fair share of encounters with the media, took the opportunity to express his admiration for Salinas and urged the media to treat him well.

“Jorge is a guy that I love very much… I would not dare to say anything against him because he is a great guy,” Yáñez explained. He emphasized that sometimes people say things they don’t mean when pushed to their limits, and requested that Salinas be treated with respect as he is a great person.

In addition to defending his colleague, Yáñez also addressed the issue of privacy and respect for actors’ personal lives. He highlighted the importance of mutual respect and stressed that actors sell their work, not their personal lives. While he acknowledged that critics have the freedom to analyze their work, he reminded reporters that it’s difficult for actors to give their opinion as individuals without living with them 24/7.

Finally, Yáñez expressed his discomfort with participating in reality shows like La casa de los famosos México. He explained that he prefers to embody characters and delve into their psychology rather than being himself on screen, as he has flaws and ups and downs that he prefers to keep private.

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