Actor Jefferson Machado found dead inside trunk buried at Rio de Janeiro home

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The world was left in shock following the terrible murder of Brazilian actor, Jefferson Machado. His body was discovered inside a trunk, buried in a patio in Rio de Janeiro. In this article, we delve deeper into what is currently known about the person responsible for the atrocious crime.

The Confirmation of Machado’s Death

On May 24, the friends and relatives of Machado confirmed his death through an Instagram post, hours after the police confirmed that the body they found was his. The 44-year-old actor had been missing for four months after allegedly leaving for Sao Paulo for a job interview.

Finding Machado’s Body

After an extensive search by law enforcement authorities, Machado’s lifeless body was discovered in a property in Rio de Janeiro. The actor, famous for his work in productions such as “Reis,” was tied up in a trunk that was buried several meters underground.

Machado’s History

It is not clear who could commit such a heinous crime and why they targeted Machado. Jefferson Machado was a beloved actor famous for his work on Brazilian TV productions. He did not have any known enemies, but a friend of the artist reportedly gave a name that could be involved.

Potential Suspect

Although nobody has been arrested for Machado’s murder, the suspicions surrounding the house’s owner, where the actor’s body was found, still remain. The police are proceeding cautiously, but the victim’s relatives suspect that a person named Bruno could be involved.

Fake Friends

According to a friend of Machado, Cintia Hilsendeger, whom she told in an interview with the Metropolis newspaper, “Jefferson didn’t have enemies, but he did have a fake one. Bruno was interested in Jefferson and worked with theater production, soap operas, and those things. He suggested that he worked for Globo and offered him a job.”

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Hilsendeger further elaborated that the suspicions arose when Bruno informed the family that Machado had left him everything, including the house, the car, and every other thing, and then went missing. Bruno was also with Machado when he disappeared. The relatives reported Bruno’s behavior to the police, and his involvement in the murder is suspected.


While the identity of the person responsible for Machado’s murder remains a mystery, many theories surrounding the culprit have been fronted, with Bruno being one of the most probable suspects. As investigations to unravel this tragic case continue, the Brazilian film industry, fans, and relatives of the talented actor mourn his demise.

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