Actors’ Strike Forces Cancellation of Good Omens & That ’70s Show Panels

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Comic-Con 2023: Good Omens and That 70s Show Panels Are Canceled Due to Actors’ Strike

A few months ago, the Hollywood writers union went on strike, causing several projects to suspend recordings. As the strike continued, changes to the release dates of various films and series were announced. One of the effects of the strike was the absence of panels from Marvel Studios, Netflix, and other studios at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Now, with the recent announcement of the Hollywood actors’ strike (SAG-AFTRA), additional panels are being canceled.

Actors’ Strike Announcement and its Impact

This morning, actress and SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher announced that the Hollywood Actors Union would also go on strike in support of the screenwriters. This joint strike is the first since 1960 and could have significant consequences for the industry. Besides halting production, there will be other repercussions that will unfold in the coming days.

While many people believe that actors’ work is solely limited to filming their scenes, their responsibilities extend beyond that. Contracts often include promotional activities, interviews, autograph signings, and other similar events. Some actors have already suspended the promotion of their films, as seen with the cast of Oppenheimer, who recently abandoned the London premiere of their film. It remains uncertain how other film casts, like Barbie, which is currently in full promotion, will handle the strike.

Comic-Con Cancellations

San Diego Comic-Con has faced disruptions in previous years due to the pandemic. However, this year seemed promising until the writers’ strike led several major studios to announce their absence. With the actors’ strike, more panel cancellations have been announced. Notably, The Rookie, a series starring Nathan Fillion, has suspended its participation in promoting its sixth season.

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Other series affected by the strike include Good Omens, starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant, and That ’70s Show, which planned a special panel for its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, these panels have also been canceled. It is likely that more cancellations will follow, affecting panels with actors from the union who are unable to attend.

Series such as Abbott Elementary, The Wheel of Time, and What We Do in the Shadows might also face cancellations. These shows have already aired and are announcing their upcoming seasons. In the coming days, we will learn which panels survive the strike and which ones do not.

Anticipating Further Consequences

The actors’ strike was announced today, and its consequences are already being felt, with Comic-Con San Diego experiencing cancellations. This is just the beginning of bad news for the entertainment industry. In the days ahead, series and film productions may be suspended, and press conferences, interviews, promotions, and red carpet events might also be canceled.

The financial losses caused by strikes should incentivize parties to find a resolution swiftly. The writers’ strike went on for too long, resulting in drastic schedule changes for several projects. With actors now joining the strike, it is highly likely that few productions will remain unaffected, potentially forcing studios to compromise.

Stay tuned for more updates on the strike and its impact.

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