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Actress Joan Benedict Steiger, 96, dies; starred in ‘General Hospital,’ ‘Candid Camera’
Joan Benedict Steiger has died at 96. Michael Kovac

Joan Benedict Steiger, known for her roles in “Candid Camera” and “General Hospital,” has passed away at the age of 96.

The actress died on June 24 due to complications from a stroke, a family spokesperson revealed to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline on Monday.

One of Steiger’s initial roles was on the 1950s hidden camera prank show “Candid Camera.” She later gained recognition with a recurring role as Edith Fairchild on “General Hospital.”

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Steiger initially aspired to a dance career before pivoting to theater and television.

“I always thought when I was little I would be a dancer,” she shared with Women Fitness in 2016. “I was never really built for ballet, but I was tap dancing in public at age 7 when I performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I remember the first film I ever saw was with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and as I was leaving the theatre, I wanted to run back in. I knew I had to be a part of that world.”

Steiger went on to appear in “The Steve Allen Show,” “The Smith Family,” and “Days of Our Lives.”

She also starred in several theater ensembles in regional and off-Broadway productions, including “Promises, Promises,” “The Beauty Queen of Leenane,” and her one-woman autobiographical show “The Loves of My Life,” based on her relationships with her first husband John Myhers, second husband Rod Steiger, and boyfriend Jeremy Slate.
Rod Steiger and Joan Benedict were married from 2000 to his death in 2002. Alexander Sibaja, Getty Images

Benedict married Myhers in 1962 and remained with him until his death in 1992. The actress was also the widow to Oscar-winning actor Rod Steiger, whom she married in 2000 and was with until his death in 2002.

Following Rod Steiger’s passing, Joan was in a relationship with Jeremy Slate from 2002 until his death in 2006.

“Both of my husbands and my lifetime partner Jeremy were wonderful men who respected me as an actress. They all died from different forms of cancer, so my memories are sometimes bittersweet, but with no regrets,” she told Women Fitness. “They were all actors, writers, directors, brilliant, funny men.”

Joan Benedict Steiger is survived by her daughter Claudia Myhers Tschudin and granddaughters Hanna and Ashley.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Joan Benedict Steiger, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Candid Camera’ actress, dies at 96: reports

Source: USA TODAY, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline