Actress Selma Blair gets a restraining order against her ex, Ron Carlson

By: Thomas Blade

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Selma Blair has secured a restraining order against her ex-partner, Ron Carlson. According to the digital newspaper TMZ, last February, the ex-boyfriend of the actress went to her house to deliver television and in an outburst of going assaulted her. After the attack, Blair denounced the case and a judge has ordered Carlson to be removed.

According to TMZ, the alleged incident took place when Carlson went to Blair’s home on Feb. 22 to leave a TV. TMZ has reported that Blair told Carlson that night that he had taken medication to treat his multiple sclerosis and that due to the strong effect of the drug he was not well.

However, instead of understanding the situation and in a supposed outburst of frustration, Carlson began to yell at the actress. “You can’t do anything, you can’t love anyone, you’re useless, crippled… I don’t deserve this, I can do much better than you,” her ex-partner told the actress. Then, according to the American digital portal TMZ, Carlson pounced on the actress and assaulted her.

Blair tried to defend himself by putting his fingers in Carlson’s eyes and mouth. But he would have responded by covering his mouth and face with his hands, leaving Blair unable to breathe. According to TMZ, the actress ended up losing consciousness.

After the assault, the police went to interview Blair at his home and according to TMZ the actress’ nose began to bleed profusely before losing consciousness again. For his part, according to TMZ, Carlson has been arrested for a crime of domestic violence with bodily injury.

From the outset, the police granted a five-day restraining order against Carlson. Later, Blair and his legal team have obtained a more extensive restraining order prohibiting Carlson from approaching the actress. they got a storm that forbids him to approach her.

Blair’s ex-boyfriend has also applied this week for a restraining order against Blair. According to Carlson, Blair became “furious” when he refused to sit next to her at her home. Then, according to Carlson, she hit him with her right arm in the face, hit him in the eye and scratched his nose, eyes and cheeks. However, Carlson’s request for a restraining order has not yet been granted.

The relationship between Blair and Carlson has not been good since they began dating in 2017. Since then, they have cut and returned on several occasions. The last time was this year.

Selma Blair, 49, the star of movies like Hellboy or Sex Games, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018. Due to the disease he has had difficulty speaking and even his left leg has been paralyzed. However, as reported by the actress herself a few months ago thanks to a stem cell treatment it seems that the condition is remitting. In the documentary Introducing, Selma Blair, directed by Rachel Fleit and released last year, the actress tells how she has had to adapt to her new life after the diagnosis.

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