Ada Masali: The Island Tale, the new Turkish soap opera by Divinity

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The channel Divinity from Spain is preparing to bring to its screens a new Turkish super production called “Ada Masali: The Tale of the Island” that will captivate the audience from beginning to end. This will be another success of the many that are transmitted by the aforementioned television network and that promises to be one of the favorites.

Since its premiere in its country of origin (Turkey), the production has had great support from the public, which has been reflected in the level of audience who have been captivated by the romantic love story in which they star. June and Northwest, which takes place on a small island.

It is thus that the telenovela “Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale”Arrives in Spain as a true success which aims to break tune records surpassing other great Ottoman productions.

Although an exact date for the premiere of “Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale”, The television network Divinity made the announcement that this will be “soon”, so fans of Turkish productions will not wait long to see this new success in the channel’s programming.

Those who love adventures and beautiful places like an island where nature shines at its best will be happy to see this production.

The new telenovela “Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale“, Which can be seen by Divinity is carried out by the actors Ayca Aysin Turan and Alp Navruz.

It tells the story of a woman by name June, who is a worker living in the city of Istanbul and likes to have a comfortable life. He is also characterized by being an independent person and who sometimes fights for what he wants until he gets it.

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But her life will change when, due to a work project, Haziran has to make a trip to an island, a habitat that she is not used to and is totally unaware of. By chance in life you may meet north wind, who is a young man who lived in that place all his life and has another way of seeing things and life.

Their paths will meet but a great secret will paralyze the television audience.

Little by little they will live a funny story between friendship, joys, love and tragic endings.

Yes, for people who want to go ahead and watch the episodes of this telenovela, they can do so through the Mitele PLUS platform, for which they must subscribe by paying the required number and thus enjoy this great success.

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