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Who Did Jada Smith Have an Entanglement With? Entanglement Unraveled

Jada Smith Have an Entanglement With

In the summer of 2020, a revelation shook the entertainment world. Jada Pinkett Smith, a renowned actress and talk show host, admitted to having an ‘entanglement’ with R&B singer August Alsina. This confession was made during an episode of her Facebook Watch show, ‘Red Table Talk’, where she sat across from her husband, actor Will Smith. The term ‘entanglement’ quickly became a buzzword, leaving many to wonder about the nature of Jada’s relationship with August and the state of her marriage to Will.

The Smiths have always been open about their unconventional marriage, but this revelation brought a new level of intrigue. The couple, who met on the set of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ in 1994, have faced numerous rumors and speculations about their relationship over the years. However, the ‘entanglement’ with August Alsina added a new layer to their complex relationship narrative.

The Timeline of the Entanglement

The entanglement between Jada and August reportedly began in 2015, during a period when Jada and Will were separated. August, who was introduced to Jada by her son Jaden, was going through a difficult time, battling health and addiction issues. Jada, wanting to help him, formed a close friendship with the singer, which eventually turned into a romantic relationship.

August first publicly hinted at his relationship with Jada in 2018 and 2019 through cryptic social media posts. However, it wasn’t until June 2020 that he openly spoke about their relationship during an interview with Angela Yee on YouTube. He claimed that he had given years of his life to his relationship with Jada, even stating that he had Will’s blessing. This claim was later denied by Jada during the Red Table Talk episode, where she clarified that she and Will were separated at the time, and the only person who could give permission in that circumstance was herself.

The Aftermath of the Revelation

The revelation of the entanglement sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and celebrities alike. It also led to a wave of memes, particularly featuring Will Smith’s emotional expression during the Red Table Talk episode. The term ‘entanglement’ became a trending topic, with many using it to describe complicated romantic relationships.

August Alsina, on the other hand, capitalized on the situation by releasing a song titled ‘Entanglements’ featuring Rick Ross. The song, which was filled with references to his relationship with Jada, defined ‘entanglement’ as being ‘tangled in the sheets’. He also released another song in 2022 titled ‘Shake the World’, which seemed to reference their entanglement in the aftermath of Will Smith’s infamous slap at the Oscars.

The Smiths’ Unconventional Marriage

Will and Jada Smith’s marriage has always been a topic of discussion due to its unconventional nature. The couple, who got married in 1997, have been open about their struggles and the unique dynamics of their relationship. They have faced rumors of being in an open relationship, which Jada addressed in a Facebook post in 2013, stating that they have a ‘grown’ relationship where they trust each other to do whatever they want.

Despite the challenges and the entanglement, the Smiths have remained together, proving that their bond is stronger than the rumors and speculations. Their relationship, with all its complexities, continues to fascinate and intrigue the public.


The entanglement between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina was a revelation that added a new chapter to the narrative of Jada and Will Smith’s unconventional marriage. It sparked discussions about the nature of relationships and the meaning of commitment. Despite the controversy, the Smiths have remained together, demonstrating their resilience and the strength of their bond.

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