Adalberto Álvarez: Cuban sonero died at 72 years of COVID-19

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Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez, known as El Caballero del Son, died this Wednesday at the age of 72 due to complications derived from COVID-19, several cultural institutions report.

The State Music Recordings and Editions Company (Egrem) mourned the death of the composer, arranger and conductor, founder of bands such as Son 14 and Adalberto Álvarez y su Son.

“The son was his flag, his fight, his success. His example lives and will live forever ”, can be read in the message that Egrem published on its Twitter account.

Experts consider that the Caribbean sonero marked a very important stage in Cuban popular music by reflecting the reality of the country in themes such as “And what do you want them to give you” and “Locos por el son”, among others.

The musician, born on November 22, 1948 in the central province of Camagüey, proposed declaring May 8 as Son Day in Cuba.

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