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Adalynn Rose Daughtry- Life and Family

Adalynn Rose is famous as the daughter of Chris Adam; she is the youngest child in the family. Chris Adam had given birth to 2 twins- Noah James and Adelin rose. Soon after, rumors started circulating that one of Chris Adams’ children had lost his life. The public was confused about which one had died, but it later turned out that the one who died was hannah price and not the other one.

The one who had died was Hannah Price, Chris Adams’ eldest child. Hannah was found dead in the apartment by the cops in the latter half of 2021.

About her father

Most people know about Adeline Rose Daughtry because of her father Chris Daughtry. The latter is a very famous American singer, actor, and musician. His full name is Christopher Adam Daughtry. Chris has been famous for his songs like broken innovative, wanted dead or alive, and many more.

After her elder sister died in 2021, adalynn rose started getting the public’s and media’s undivided attention. People began to become more and more curious about her life and events.

Adeline Rose came to life in the United States of America on the 17th of November in 2010.  As of January 2023, Adeline is 12 years of age, and her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is a twin daughter to parents Christopher Adam and Diana. As mentioned earlier, Christopher Adam is a world-famous musician, and her mother, Diana, is a massage therapist.

She has a twin brother named Nova James. Rumour suggests that these twins were born via a surrogate mother. Some rumors also suggest that Hannah price’s death was not an accident but a good-intention suicide full the family later even firmed the news by saying that Hannah used to struggle with mental illnesses from an early age. At the time of her death, Hannah Price was only 25 years old.

About her parents’ relationship

Christopher got married to Diana on the 11th of November in 2000. At the time of this wedding, Christopher wasn’t as famous as he is today at that time, he used to work as a vacuum cleaner salesman. This was not Diana’s first marriage. She had previously been married and had 2 children from that marriage. They were Hannah and Griffin. Apart from this, the family is also raising another child who they have named Liam.  

About her sister Hannah

At the time of Hannah’s death Diana posted on her Instagram a picture of Hannah Andrew writing a long and loving capsule expressing botH sadness towards her death and gratitude towards her life. 

 Hanna often used to struggle with mental illnesses and drug abuse full this even put her into difficult situations and abusive relationships will stop few months before her suicide, her biological father had also committed suicide, and Hannah was severely disturbed by this fact

After Hannah had a dispute with her boyfriend, who threatened her for life, the family even asked the police to do a Wellness check on Hannah. The police checked and found out that Hanna was okay and left. It was her boyfriend who found her dead in that apartment that afternoon. Later after her death, an autopsy report confirmed that her death was a suicide and not a murder. 

About her physical appearance

Adeline Daughtry is 11 years old and has straight hair. Her smile is one of the cutest smiles one has ever seen. She is approximately 4 inches tall and 25 kilograms. Her hair colour is light brown and her eyes are grey. She has long and beautiful hair giving her an overall beautiful and cute look.


There’s absolutely not much to share about her career because she is right now only an 11-year-old kid. She has yet not worked in any TV show or film as a kid artist, but many people expect her too soon to be launched on some shoes, given her parent’s reach and fame.

She spends most of her time playing video games and outdoor games with her twin brother. She also goes to the same school as her brother.

Her father is absolutely rich and has a great deal of income from his career. Her mother is not just a housewife and runs a Daughtry store, which specialises in the sale of Dory merchandise 4 all the fans of Christopher Daughtry. She also earns a pretty good amount. Soon it can clearly be established that Adelin has been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her family is very rich. 

More about Adallyn Rose Daughtry

In most of her public appearances, she has been witnessed wearing skirts which suggest that the little girl is fond of skirts. She has many times been noticed wearing a hairband with a cute butterfly on top of it. The little girl absolutely loves listening to her father’s songs on her iPad. Many times, she goes on long drives with both her parents.

The little girl’s grandparents are Pete and Sandra Daughtry. Her uncle is Kenneth Daughtry. She currently has 2 siblings – hurt win, Noel James and her stepbrother Griffin. Harshdeep’s sister Hannah Daughtry is no longer alive.

 Her religion is Christian her ethnicity is white, and she belongs to the American nationality. She is a cute and bubbly girl and celebrates her birthday on 17th of November every year. He shares her birthday cake with her twin Noah will stop her mother has several times shared her and her twin’s pictures and loves to post her daughter proudly.


Adalynn is the daughter of her parent’s eyes, and they always wish all the good things for her. People have high expectations from the little girl, given her parent’s successful careers and high net worth. We hope that the little girl will follow in her parent’s footsteps and succeed in her career.

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