Adamari López continues to wear the engagement ring that Toni Costa gave her despite their separation

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¿Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa are giving themselves a new opportunity? A month has passed since the Telemundo host announced her separation with the choreographer and great doubts have been generated around this famous couple.

International media, such as People in Spanish, have hinted that Toni and Adamari would have resumed their relationship. These speculations were generated after the dancer traveled to Spain with his daughter and days later, the presenter gave them the scope to be together.

It is worth mentioning that Toni has not lost hope of returning with López, he spoke with People in Spanish and indicated that he wants to resume their relationship.

“We intend to work on the relationship … Hopefully we can resume [nuestro amor]”, he pointed out for the media.

However, this pleasure trip would not be the only sign of a possible reconciliation. Netizens have also drawn their own conclusions after Adamari López made an Instagram history, where she was seen with her engagement ring.

In the video it was observed that the actress told her followers that she would go on a trip to Spain and while she spoke, she showed her ring.

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